Peace Revolution!

by Louis Landon - solo piano



author: Kathy Parsons
“Peace Revolution!” is pianist/composer Louis Landon’s seventh album to date and his second solo piano CD, following up his 2005 release, “Unwind.” Landon’s mission is “to create a peaceful world by writing and performing music from the heart. Love and Peace Always and Everywhere.” This is a noble and inspiring goal to be sure, and a reminder that we can all make a difference in this crazy world by starting a peace revolution in our own little corners of the universe. Creating music to settle troubled thoughts and emotions is certainly a step in the right direction, and Landon does just that without resorting to sugarcoated fluff. His music is substantial yet accessible, providing an hour of respite either in the background or for the active listener to get lost in. Landon is a lifelong musician who has worked continuously with other musicians as well as a soloist, and his playing style is very easy-going and natural. “Camelot” opens the CD with a mood of gentle joy and optimism. A swirling motion gives the piece a dance-like quality that exudes warmth and sunshine. “Sundance” tones it down a notch, but flows with peaceful contentment. “Skye’s Song” is a bit more improvisational - free and unencumbered. Light and graceful like a spring breeze, it’s one of my favorites. “Ancestors” is a bit darker and more mysterious. “Elegant Lady” harkens back to a less complicated time at an upscale supper club with beautifully-dressed dancers moving to the romantic music. The title track also has an improvisatory feeling, gently telling its story and urging others to join the peace revolution - an inspiring message beautifully told. “Pursuit of Happiness” begins in a very melancholy place, perhaps telling of hurt or disappointment. As the piece evolves, the mood gradually lightens, but never really becomes lighthearted - a very evocative and interesting piece. “Golden Glow” is another favorite. Jazzier in style, it feels more exploratory on the piano while overflowing with a warmth and serenity - a great piece! “(Epilogue) Impromptu” closes the CD with a lovely, flowing improvisation that again depicts a perfect peace, both external and internal - an elegant and graceful closing to an excellent album. “Peace Revolution!” is a wonderful collection of original piano solos, and I highly recommend it. Join the Peace Revolution today!


released January 14, 2008

music, arrangements, production, and performance by Louis Landon



all rights reserved


Louis Landon - solo piano Sedona, Arizona

LOUIS LANDON's career has taken him around the world playing a variety of styles with some of the most recognized names in the entertainment industry. His missions: 1. to create a more loving and peaceful world by writing, recording and performing, music from the heart and 2. to inspire people to live joyously and passionately. He has released 20 CDs on the LCI record label. ... more

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